"I'll get the one in the back. That's one hobgoblin who'll regret ever lifting a bow."

Rangers are watchful warriors who roam past the horizon to safeguard a religion, a principle, or a way of life. Masters of bow and blade, rangers excel at hit-and-run assaults and can quickly and silently eliminate foes. Rangers lay superb ambushes and excel at avoiding danger.

Primary Stat: Strength. Hit Points gained per level: 5.

Weapon Proficiencies Edit

Sword, Mace, Axe, Dagger, and Dual-Wield

Armor Proficiencies Edit

Light Armor

Special Ability Edit

Special Ability is gained after retiring your third character. It is usable once per adventure.

Jaws of the Wolf: +2 ATT, +2 DEX for 5 encounters

Advanced Ability Edit

Advanced Ability is gained after retiring your sixth character. It is usable once per adventure.

Quickdraw: Restock your potions mid-adventure. Equip two new potions during your adventure. NOTE: Retains the original 2 checkbox options and does not reset them to match the new potions selected.

Possible Bug: Restocked (stat-boosting) potions do not seem to take effect if activated automatically via checkbox. For this reason, restocked potions should be activated manually via the potion activation button.

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